About Us

Bad Boy Fireworks was established in 1948 in Auckland, New Zealand. We are now a third generation, family owned and operated business, based in West Auckland. What started as an idea in a garage in central Auckland and quickly grew into a large manufacturing business. Over 75 years later we are still going strong!
Many people will remember our original company name: Universal Pyrotechnics or Universal Fireworks. We were responsible for all your old time favourites such as: Mt Egmont, Mt Vesuvius, Mighty Cannon and many more, and many customers remember our shiny foil bags they used to get their fireworks in. We are the only company that has ever commercially manufactured fireworks in NZ. In the late 1980's we made the decision to move our fireworks production to China and formed a joint venture with a Hong Kong based company. Since then we have been responsible for fireworks brands including Shogun and Vulcan in NZ, and in 2004 we introduced our Bad Boy brand. 
Ever since day one we have taken huge pride in providing the best quality fireworks in NZ and we stick by this today. All of our fireworks are supplied by our partners at Vulcan and Shogun Fireworks. These brands are world renowned for being top quality manufactures for both retail and display fireworks. 
Today we carry what many consider to be the best range of retail fireworks in NZ. We also carry a large range of Vulcan display fireworks that we use and supply to many approved handlers for firework displays all across NZ and the pacific. 
We specialise in:
- Retail (Consumer) Fireworks
- Display Fireworks
- Firework Displays 
We are also able to source, manufacture and provide transport solutions for all types of fireworks and associated products. If it is fireworks related we are your go-to company! 
Old Universal Fireworks Bags
Universal Fireworks Catalogue